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UMYF Youth (Grade 6 - 12) are a very active group with Sunday morning Youth Sunday School and Sunday evening UMYF fellowship. For several years our youth have served at various Native American Missions throughout the United States.

Local Youth Mission Has Deep Roots

The Warrensburg First United Methodist Church Youth Group was recently recognized for their efforts in organizing and carrying out a very impressive string of missions over the past seven years.


Under the co-direction of Rev. Louis & Brenda Lowe, the group has conducted mission projects at a variety of mission sites scattered across the country, stretching from the Grand Canyon to the Great Smoky Mountains, and from the Black Hills/Yellowstone Region of Wyoming and South Dakota, to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.


To date they have traveled over 12,000 miles;  They have worked with the Navajo, Apache, Arapaho, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Choctaw, Houma, Kiowa, Lakota-Sioux, Seminole, and Shoshoni Native American Tribes, as well as various rural and inner-city mission sites;  They have conducted ten mission Bible schools, fourteen children’s festivals, countless puppet programs, praise band concerts, and multiple work projects, including the remodeling of an entire Sunday School building in Seminole, Oklahoma.  The mission team has also provided over 10,000 meals to children and adults in a variety of locations throughout the country.


Due to limited building space at the various sites, the team often finds itself having to do its mission work in tents, under trees, and even in open fields on occasion. They even take their own work crew with them, who not only do projects within the surrounding community, but on occasion have gone in ahead of the mission team to prepare the sites for their arrival.


The creative versatility of this group is one of the reasons why they are so often invited to go to places that other groups will not, or cannot go.


From Brenda Lowe, co-director the project

“It takes a special caliber of person to participate in a mission like this, and we have taken over 100 of them into the mission field these past seven years, accompanied by 25 wonderful college age adults, and parents, who have gone along with them as mission facilitators”.


From Louis Lowe, co-director the project

“We have directed a lot of great mission teams over the past 30+ years. Every one of them have had their own special gifts and abilities, but the Warrensburg team is by far the most uniquely gifted collection of ‘young Christian world changers’ that we’ve ever worked with”.


“We can’t wait to see the difference these young people are going to make for the Church in the future as young adults.” 


Roots go back 50 years

The roots of these particular missions actually go back “fifty years” to 1968 when Lowe’s own parents (Rev. Lloyd and Luella Lowe) led the first youth mission team (based out of Columbus, KS) onto the Navajo Reservation.


Initially, they worked closely with a local Navajo pastor named Fred Yazzie in building up a new Native American outreach ministry for that area that has since grown to become one of the biggest on the reservation. But over time the team began to receive invitations from other mission sites throughout the country, and the scope of their mission efforts began to expand.


Lowe, who participated in those early projects as a youth, recalls, “Conditions at the mission sites were somewhat primitive in those early days. We often had no showers at the mission sites; facilities were sometimes limited to outhouses; and the locations were still isolated enough that many of the native children actually arrived on buckboards”.


Into the future

Over the years the mission teams have battled monsoons, dodged hurricanes, and overcame multiple challenges. But they always pressed on in perseverance towards the goal of making a difference in the world for God. Their commitment to mission has drawn the admiration and recognition from many public figures over the years, including Martin Luther King III, who actually visited the group during their Louisiana mission in 2006.


Today, the spirit of that original mission effort continues to live on in a new generation, and I believe that brings a feeling of joy and honor to the original members of that first mission of 1968.



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